Just 3 simple steps to successful mixing!

Align and Insert Dust Hog® into Vacuum Hose

Hang Dust Hog® On Rim

Add Powder
and Mix Hands-Free

The Ultimate Dust Reducing Vacuum Attachment Tool!

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The Dust Hog® utilizes our proprietary Vortex Suction Technology™ to create a high velocity, circular air current throughout the mixing container. The patent-pending design of the Dust Hog® is engineered so that the dual intake ports extend below the container rim, greatly enhancing overall vacuum suction performance.

“The DUST HOG® provides a safe and effective silica dust management solution for compliance with the OSHA respirable crystalline silica dust regulation (29 CFR 1926.1153). 

 Independent Lab Test Report


The Dust Hog® is a patent-pending, commercial-grade, vacuum hose attachment tool that was invented by a professional contractor to help reduce the amount of respirable, crystalline, silica dust generated on job sites when mixing powdered materials. When properly used it will assist contractors with meeting stringent OSHA regulations. The Dust Hog® is truly the ultimate dust reducing vacuum attachment tool and we have the independent lab test data to prove it! 

The timing of the launch of this super-effective solution could not be better as the world continues to seek methods to control the spread of hazardous pathogens and allergens that can attach to dust particles and spread throughout the air in any indoor environment via the HVAC system. 

Now more than ever, taking precautions to minimize the spread of airborne particulates in any indoor environment, whether it be a healthcare facility, hotel, office or residence, is essential for owners and contractors alike.


The Dust Hog® keeps jobsites much cleaner, and therefore safer. By directing your vacuum hose suction current downward into the mixing container, minimal dust escapes. This makes clean up much easier and faster, saving valuable labor time. Your customers will be much happier too!

However, equally as important, it will help contractors better comply with OSHA’s respirable, crystalline, silica dust legislation, which now places contractors squarely in the cross hairs of Federal law. Failing to comply with these strict standards can subject workers to unsafe air quality conditions and owners to potential OSHA fines.

The Dust Hog® is a great tool to help protect your team and everyone else on the jobsite!

Patent-Pending Design

Durable, rugged, high
visibility plastic


Supports 50 lbs bags
during loading

Ease of use

Attaches to most commercial vacuum hoses

superior suction

Directs vacuum suction down into the mixing container


It is ideal when mixing cement, mortar, sheet rock compound, stucco and other powdered materials.

The rugged, patent-pending design enables it to be easily hung from virtually any size container used to mix powdered materials with liquids. It is molded of durable, high visibility plastic and can even serve to support 50 lb. bags during the loading process. It’s two intake ports face down into the mixing container, toward the powder, to guarantee maximum suction of airborne particulates into the vacuum hose. 


Just 4 simple steps to successful mixing!

Align Dust Hog® and Vacuum Hose

Insert Hose
Into Dust Hog®

Hang Dust Hog® On Rim

Add Powder
and Mix Hands-Free