What are the most common pail sizes that the Dust Hog® fits on?

The Dust Hog® fits on virtually any type of open container. Common sizes include 1, 5, 30 and 55 gallon containers or barrels.  

Does the Dust Hog® fit all vacuum hoses?

The Dust Hog® vacuum intake port is tapered which enables most common properly filtered vacuum hoses to easily fit inside it. If you prefer, it can be further secured to the hose by adding a small piece of industrial tape.

What is the Dust Hog® made of?

The Dust Hog® is made of rugged, high visibility, polypropylene plastic.

Do I still need to use PPE (personal protective equipment)?

Yes. The Dust Hog® does not replace PPE that is required to meet OSHA regulations. Consult the OSHA website to ensure you are in compliance with current regulations. The Dust Hog® is a tool that is designed to assist contractors with keeping jobsites much cleaner but it not a substitute for proper PPE.

Is the Dust Hog® an air filter?

No. The Dust Hog® is not an air filter. It is a vacuum hose attachment tool engineered to enable your industrial vacuum hose to be hung from the side of an open container and direct the air suction down into the pail towards the powered material you are mixing. The Dust Hog® is not a substitute for proper air filtration methods or a replacement for PPE.

Can I take the Dust Hog® apart to clean it?

The Dust Hog® can be disassembled if needed. However, frequent disassembly will eventually weaken the interlocking tabs and loosen the tolerance of the components. This may result in the Dust Hog not fitting as robustly to containers than when originally purchased.

How do I clean the Dust Hog®?

The Dust Hog® can be cleaned by using a brush or circulating compressed air through it.

What is the Dust Hog®’s warranty?

The Dust Hog® is warranted for one year from date of purchase.

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