Dust Hog Pro LLC is a product innovation firm focused on improving jobsite safety and efficiency for for all stakeholders involved in building construction projects, which include; general contractors, installers, specifiers, building owners and occupants. Our goal is to turn our ideas and inventions, and those of others, into reality by commercializing and launching practical, robust, fairly-priced, problem solving solutions into the global construction market while providing the ultimate in service to our customers. 

Our team is comprised of building construction industry experts with experience in many disciplines including; design, installation, manufacturing, marketing, research and development, and channel management. The extensive network we have collectively built over the past 30 years is comprised of professional distributors, retailers, specifiers and installation contractors located throughout North America, Europe and Australia. 

The Dust Hog® is the first of our solutions to launch, however, our new product development pipeline is packed with exciting solutions. Keep an eye out for our products in the news or opt-in to our mailing list to stay informed about our latest innovations.  

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