Dust Hog Pro® and Beno J. Gundlach Co. Partner To Help Installers Save Clean Up Time & Work Safer!

BOSTON, MA – Dust Hog Pro® LLC announced that it has teamed up with Beno J. Gundlach Co. to help contractors keep their job sites cleaner and safer by minimizing airborne dust when mixing powdered materials. “The partnership with Gundlach enables us to rapidly expand our distribution footprint across the United States and Canada. It also lends further credibility to the performance of the Dust Hog Pro®, as Gundlach is known throughout the industry for its extensive product offering of high-performance tools,” said Scott Banda, Chief Commercial Officer of Dust Hog Pro® LLC.

Michael Weise, National Sales Manager for Beno J. Gundlach Co., stated “As the construction industry begins returning to work, we are excited to make this affordable, new tool available to more contractors through their preferred distributors. The Dust Hog® is by far the most effective dust control device we have evaluated. It provides installers an excellent solution to help protect against inhaling hazardous silica dust while also greatly reducing the amount of time spent cleaning up after mixing powdered materials.”

The Dust Hog® helps protect installers and HVAC systems from airborne particulates and in compliance with OSHA respirable silica dust safety regulations. Invented by a professional contractor, the field and independent laboratory tested tool is made of high-visibility, rugged, polypropylene plastic in the U.S. The Dust Hog® utilizes proprietary Vortex Suction Technology™ to create a high-velocity, circular air current throughout the mixing container. Its patent-pending design has been specifically engineered with dual intake ports extending below the container rim, greatly enhancing vacuum suction performance.

The Dust Hog® easily fits on and off 1-, 5-, 30- and 50-gallon pails and drums for mixing self-leveling underlayments, repair patches, mortar, joint compound and other powdered materials on commercial and residential jobsites. A one-minute video explains the product’s benefits/usage instructions. A three-part, architectural specification and independent lab test report are also available.

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