Find out why pro contractors keep The Dust Hog® in their tool chest.

“I am a man of a few words, the Dust Hog is a great tool!! It catches practically all the dust while mixing, We do a lot of work in hospitals where dust is an enemy. It is light and compact. Great buy!”
Jose Rodriguez
Xclusive Floor coverings Inc.
“We were recently able to demo the Dust Hog and were very impressed. We have used multiple devices from other manufactures. This is by far the most versatile and effective unit we have used. It is very light and compact, but extremely durable. The majority of the work we do is floor prep and resurfacing concrete floors. We use patching compounds and self-leveling materials which are mixed in a variety of container sizes. What I like about the Dust Hog is its capability to fit and stay attached to any size container. We have used it on 5 gallon buckets for mixing patch and 20 gallon barrels for self-leveling. We have also attached it to the side of our pump where the bags are loaded. The Dust Hog has stayed securely fastened and has out-preformed every other device we have used for controlling airborne dust.

A lot of our work is in occupied spaces and healthcare facilities, so controlling the dust is crucial. Since using the Dust Hog we haven't had to use additional vacuums or air scrubbers in our mix station. The design keeps the dust contained inside the mixing containers. It has basically eliminated the exposure of dust to my employees and other trades. In my opinion, The Dust Hog is the best device on the market.”
John Wallace
JW Enterprises, Inc.
“The Dust Hog outperforms other dust control attachments I have used. The unit is light but very durable. Its design allows you to easily remove and reattach it to other containers without having to unhook the vacuum system. It has definitely saved us time while mixing and pouring larger jobs.”
Tim McMahon
“The Dust Hog is very effective in controlling airborne dust while mixing patch and underlayment. What I like most is its simple design and ability to stay securely attached to a variety of buckets and barrels.”
Dennis Kirk.
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